Stand out when
you step out.

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RUMEE was founded with one objective: to empower women to stand out, while giving underprivileged girls an opportunity to step up.

Handcrafted embroidery

Handcrafted embroidery
meets modern style

Each pair is hand-embroidered and thus, has its nuances. Your shoes are bold, glamorous, and uniquely you.


For women who
live in their shoes

Perfect for when you’re at work, brunch with friends or at a party. It is for the woman who lives in her shoes.

Local Artisans

local artisans

In India, embroidery is a cherished family tradition, and for the artisans it’s not just work - it’s part of family.​

The RUMEE Story

7,500 miles, one gorgeous tradition

Ishi Puri, Founder
Ishi Puri, Founder

Lucknow, India

Daring to Dream

I grew up in Lucknow, India, a city famous for its stunning, handcrafted embroidery.

For local artisans, this intricate, beautiful art is a labor of love, crafted in homes and passed down generations in families for hundreds of years.

For long, I have dreamed of bringing this beauty to the whole world.

New York City

“Where did you get your shoes?”

In 2011, I moved to New York, the city where glamour meets foot traffic. New York sparked my dream to life - I was inspired to blend handcrafted Indian embroidery and the modern comfort of western flats into gorgeous, uniquely bold shoes.

Every day I step onto the street in a pair of these stylish flats, women stop and ask, “Where did you get your shoes?”

And thus, RUMEE was born.

Girls having fun
Ishi with the kids at her dad's school for the underprivileged.

Send a girl to school

Pay it Forward

Globally, girls still face barriers to education and opportunity. In some parts of India, almost 50% of girls never get a chance to go to school.

At RUMEE, we’ve got our sights set on a brighter future. Give a girl in need a step up when you step out: For each pair of RUMEEs purchased, we set aside $10 to send a girl to school, giving her the opportunity to create a better life.

Remarkably, you can send a girl to school for one year in India and other countries for as low as a few dollars.

RUMEE shoes are stylish, bold and made with love and care, each individually handcrafted to enhance a woman's personality and make her feel special every time she steps out.

Ishi Puri Signature - Ishi Puri, Founder

#standout when you step out

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